instructionsInstructions for Poster Presenters

Date and time:

Poster exhibition will take place as follows:

  • During lunch break from 12:00 till 13:30 on April 18, 2024
  • During lunch break from 12:00 till 13:30 on April 19, 2024

All poster presenters shall be present next to their posters during both lunch breaks at least from 12:30 till 13:30.


Lobby of the hotel conference center on the 2nd floor.

Poster set up:

from 08:00 till 10:00 on April 18, 2024

Poster removal:

from 15:30 till 17:30 on April 19, 2024

Presenters are responsible for posting and removing their own posters. If posters are not removed on time, the organizers will take them away for disposal without notifying the authors. Please approach the volunteers for assistance during the set-up and removal hours.   

General information:

  • Poster number: On one of the poster panels, the list with¬†poster numbers will be provided. Please look up your poster number, and attach your poster to the panel with the corresponding number.
  • Adhesive pads/tape: will be provided by the organizers.
  • Poster delivery: the posters should be¬†brought to the conference¬†by authors and not mailed. The organisers will not have any facilities to print posters onsite.
  • Poster printing: if you prefer to print your poster in Vilnius, you are welcome to use the services of Copy Pro:

Poster preparation:

  • Poster size = A0 (84 x 118,8 cm)
  • Poster orientation = portrait (Please note that a poster in landscape format will NOT fit on the panels).
  • All posters will be placed on the white Octanorm panel boards: Portrait orientation, 100 cm (width) x 250 cm (height).
  • We advise you not to laminate your poster, as this will complicate attachment.
  • Be sure to include the following elements on your poster:
    • the title
    • author names, affiliations and e-mail addresses